Grey Reef Fly Fishing

Final week of our off-season packages! Discounted trips and cottage stays. Welcome to Grey Reef: Home of the North Platte Lodge and The Reef Fly Shop, Cottages & RV. Grey Reef is THE place to be.

The North Platte River is in great condition from Miracle Mile through Government Bridge. The lower reaches of the Grey Reef System are off color due to melting snow. Upper Grey Reef is clear and fishing really well. Fremont Canyon is also solid. This is the time of year we urge folks to not target actively spawning trout and to refrain from walking through the redds. That being said the midge hatches have been excellent and watching howe the fish position themselves is a really cool observation of their behavior and will make you a far more dialed angler. Consider leaving the bead boxes at home and challenge yourself by matching the hatch.