Incredible Spring Fishing

Grey Reef fly fishing couldn’t get much better. Bugs, bugs and more bugs. Light emerger rigs and the fish are loaded and cruising their traditional hunting grounds. Expect some crushing takes on Pulsating Emergers, PALs, Foam Wing RS2, Mayhem, etc. Don’t get too long and keep the tippet light and nimble. Bright days call for a little stealth for the best production and the water you are rowing through is loaded. Water temps are in the upper 40s and they fighting well.

Fremont Canyon is at 250cfs and fishing well. It has been busy but very fun. Same rigs apply.

Miracle Mile fly fishing is good. tail outs and buckets should receive attention. The shelves will get a few buck back off to a little slower water for best results. Leeches, worms and baetis nymphs the best. WD40 is hard to beat.