It’s Trico Time!

We are seeing good amounts of Tricos almost every morning now, and the fish are starting to look up. Our guide boats have been successful throwing the GS Trico Spinner early, if you see some fish podded up feeding on the surface don’t hesitate to throw a dry fly! Fishing in the mornings has been great, our CDC Pheasant tail followed by an All Day May or RS2 has been a great set up. By afternoon we are seeing PMD’s and Caddis. A birds nest and the Two Bit Hooker has been catching a lot of nice fish! Really focus on the tops of runs, fish are holding in that fast water and they are hungry! Fremont is fishing awesome with a RS2 being the go-to bug. We experienced some strong wind today that should continue through tomorrow, but the rest of the week looks great with little wind and nice temps! If you have any questions make sure to stop by the shop or drop us a line!