More fish looking up

There are already a number of Montana rivers that are being closed due to excessive water temps and things will only warm up over the next couple weeks. Grey Reef is in great shape. Both water volume and temps are great. Rumor has it the the Mile will be getting flows reduced drastically this week. We will keep you posted.

Trico spimnners in the morning have provided some great dry fly. This isn’t easy fishing but very rewarding. Big fish love to eat little tricos. Midday the PMDs and Yellow Sallies are being scrutinized by trout tongues. Some of the eddies will boil…pretty cool to watch. Hopper activity just might be ready? Hmmm…who knows?

Nymphing has been fabulous and the fish are in amazing condition. They will hurt you at some point during the day. When was the last time you ran out of gas landing trout?

Streamer activity is solid and well worth the effort. Sculpzilla, Fleshy Medusa, Articulated Goldie etc.