More Water is Coming!!!

We have been told that the flows will increase to 2,200 CFS by Tuesday! More water will be great, lowering water temps and clearing out some of the weed growth and “floaties”. Fishing has been great the past few days on all three tailwaters. TRFS guides Seth and Rick both had awesome days at The Mile yesterday despite the hail storm on the way out, but fish were starting to eat some golden stonefly patterns and the fish were large and plentiful. Fremont has remained consistently great, with a giant buffet of food options the fish are very happy right now. Try skittering a caddis on top of the water in the evening, it is a blast to watch those fish hammer a dry fly. Grey Reef has been fishing excellent in the mornings and slowing down a little bit in the afternoon. We have been catching them on a ton of different flies, in particular an All Day May # 20 in black, a tan caddis larva, or a poxyback PMD. A leech has also been a good go-to point fly. We will keep you updated on the river conditions has it comes up. As always stop in the shop or drop us a line if you have any questions.