Summer Hatches

Fishing is excellent, Grey Reef , Miracle Mile and Fremont Canyon. Grey Reef is growing algae due to our low flows and warming temps. When the river is bumped this could cause floating debris issues. Our guides have been fishing super short and light with midge, PMD, Sallie and caddis stuff and having spectacular results. Lots of dry fly opportunities right now…even Tricos. PMD and tricos will be shocked with the added water and cooler temps so don’t expect that to continue too much longer. BUT, this will be very good for the river and the fish. The Mile is approaching the annual Golden Stone fly hatch. Fun stuff! Diverse fishing and big fish!

Wade fishing is amazing since many fish are concentrated at the top of runs and fast water. Your outfitter claims “private access” right? Ask them to get out and wade fish on that.

This is Mike with guide Adam Boehlke fishing a tiny spot of our 17 miles of exclusive private access.