Much to Celebrate!

Fishing in Central Wyoming was a bit rowdy early this week but our resident trout didn’t mind so much. Wednesday morning Alcova awoke to zero wind and a placid and inviting North Platte River. Zero anglers, excepting our 2 guests along with NPL and TRFS guide Rick. They opted to float and the fishing was awesome. Short nymph rigs with leach/midge combo was the daily double. They were prepared for some arctic boating activities and since the ice was too much to chop they turned drift boat into sleigh for a hundred meters. That adds a pretty cool element to the adventure.

Early season discounted trips and cottage stays have been getting a fair amount of traction already. NPL options are still pretty good so give a shout!

Eric is in The Reef Fly Shop right now for last minute gifts. Hats have been sent all over the country and gift cert and trip bookings have been popular gifts. A dozen bugs would make an excellent stocking stuffer…

Most importantly, get outside over the holiday. Groomed Nordic Ski, Alpine ski, snowmobile and single track trails, ice skating, hike up Fremont Canyon, snowball fight, sledding at the sledding hill and stop at Trailside Lodge for a meal afterward, ice fishing and Grey Reef for the best-in-class fly fishing in Wyoming.