Blowing and snowing.  

We will be honest, our fishing for the month of December has been sporadic.  Our last fishing guests were here mid-month and needless to say, the weather wasn’t the absolute best.  Regardless our  anglers powered through and had excellent fishing, despite the conditions.  

December has been the real deal.  Lots of snow and wind, lots of winter.  Great for snowpack, not so great if your trying to get on the water.  That being said the nicer days have produced.  Lots and lots of fish on the trusty nymph rig and we are still getting fish to eat the streamer on a slow strip and swing.  FYI-With the cold weather we have been having-GREY REEF-is iced over in several spots between Ledge Creek and Lusby.  If you need an updated conditions report give us a shout.  307.232.9128