No Complaints

A little bit of everything, typical spring weather in Central Wyoming. A couple of days of rain, a few days of sunshine, repeat. All things considered as we sit around the midpoint of May, we are doing pretty darn good! Grey Reef is in excellent shape for the first 17ish miles, that’s about where Bates Creek comes in. Last weeks storm pounded the mountains with over a foot of wet, heavy snow-so we are seeing all that runoff. We would expect that to start to subside in the coming days. As for the fishing, it’s good! Overcast/low pressure days have made for some pretty spectacular baetis hatches and otherwise it’s just steady. No complaints here!

If you are planning on heading this way make sure to buy your license before you arrive.

Current fishing and conditions:

GREY REEF: 1,500cfs. Currently clear from Grey Reef to Bates Creek confluence(downstream of Government Bridge). 4-7ft, indicator to split shot, 1 BB-2 AB. Leeches(natural,brown or olive), UV leeches, San Juans, Reef worms, orange scuds, PALs, rhinestones, all-day mays, mayhems, foam-wing RS2, CDC foam wing RS2, juju-baetis. Getting a decent number to grab the streamer on a medium strip. Baetis(BWOs) are popping!

FREMONT CANYON: 75cfs. Clear. 4-7ft, indicator to split shot, 1 BB-1 AB. Leeches(natural, brown or black), rhinestone, black RS2, foam-wing RS2s and PALS.

MIRACLE MILE: 2,600cfs. Clear. 5-8ft, indicator to split shot, 1-3 AB. Leeches(natural, brown or black), HH leech, san juans and various midge/baetis stuff.

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