Spring Time

Spring time in Central Wyoming. A gorgeous weekend, now it’s cool and rainy. What do you do? Bundle up and go fishing. We are expecting today’s moisture event to impact clarity on Grey Reef but with 1,200cfs it should clean up relatively quickly.

If you are planning on heading this way make sure to buy your license before you arrive.

Current fishing and conditions:

GREY REEF: 1,200cfs. Currently clear from Grey Reef to Casper but likely to change due to todays moisture. 4-7ft, indicator to split shot, 1 BB-2 AB. Leeches(natural,brown or olive), UV leeches, reef worms, orange scuds, PALs, rhinestones, all-day mays, mayhems, foam-wing RS2, CDC foam wing RS2, juju baetis . Getting a decent number to grab the streamer on a medium strip. Baetis(BWOs) are popping!

FREMONT CANYON: 75cfs. Clear. 4-7ft, indicator to split shot, 1 BB-1 AB. Leeches(natural, brown or black), rhinestone, black RS2, and PALS.

MIRACLE MILE: 2,600cfs. Clear. 5-8ft, indicator to split shot, 1-3 AB. Leeches(natural, brown or black), HH leech, san juans and various midge stuff. Road conditions to the Mile as of today are going to be muddy.

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