North Platte Fall Fishing Report

Cool mornings and warm afternoons so far in October and the fishing remains good. The flows have remained steady and the fishing is good from Grey Reef all the way down past Casper. Grey Reef is flowing 500 CFS and the water is CLEAR! The vegetation is slowly clearing out, but still definitely present. Our guides have been focusing on the dry fly action, dry/dropper rig has been working well. We like throwing a purple parachute Adams or a Royal Wulff in size 16 or 18 with a bead head pheasant tail a few feet below. Some of our best fish of the day have been on the dry in shallow water. If you prefer nymphing try running a “mini-rig” or an unweighted nymph rig through rising fish. A pheasant tail or a two bit hooker above a Rs2 has been a solid set up.

The Miracle Mile has been pretty consistent with some really good fish being caught everyday.  was personally out there earlier this week and we caught fish on dries, streamers, and of course nymphs. We caught a bunch of fish in the 12-16″ range and a few over 20″. The water conditions were great, The flow is still around 550 CFS, the water is clear and there is not much vegetaion to speak of. A leech as our point fly and a RS2 as the trailer worked well! Fishing should continue to improve as colder weather settles in.

Fremont Canyon and the Cardwell access area has been the best place to throw a streamer. The water is still slightly off color due to the algae bloom in Pathfinder reservoir which makes the streamer fishing all that much better. The Sparkle minnow, Olive Envy, Thin Mint, and The Reef’s Goldie have been the go-to bugs.The fish are happy and healthy right now which can make landing some of them in the canyon a little tough. Nymphing is still king out there with a Grey Rs2 or smaller midge pattern behind a Bead head Hares Ear or a Bead Head Pheasant Tail. While nymphing at fremont it is especially important to have your depth set correctly, even moving the indicator a few inches can make a big difference. So if you’re not catching fish try a quick depth change before switching up your flies.

This fall is shaping up to be a great one. If you any questions on booking a trip or fishing conditions stop in the shop or just drop us line and we will make sure to set you up with everything needed to have a great day on the water!