Grey Reef Fall Fishing Report

Finally starting to feel like fall, chilly mornings, overcast skies, and changing leaves. Streamer season is is upon us! Flows on all three tailwaters are at their winter levels: Grey Reef at 500 CFS, Miracle MIle at 550 CFS, and Fremont/Cardwell at 75 CFS. All three are fishing well.

From Grey Reef to all the way down past Casper has been producing good fish. The upper section still has some vegetation, it is clearing up though. Nymphing is definitely picking up, a “buggy’ rig like a Pheasant Tail followed up by a RS2 or an All Day May has been a good go-to set up. Dry flies are still working well at points throughout the day, from 10:00-12:00 has been the most consistent time to find fish looking up. They are a little spooky, you do have to make a longer cast to fool them. Government Bridge to Sechrist has been great, especially in the faster water on the second half of the float. We had boats all the way down to Robertson Road today and the streamer fishing was GOOD! A goldie and a small black Peacock Bugger were our guides best bugs.

Fremont is starting to clear up and the nymphing is getting really good again, with clearer water the streamer bite will slow down a bit. Still, don’t be afraid to throw some big bugs. When I nymph up there I like using two small bugs. I don’t worry about an attractor, a PAL with an All Day May is my set up right now.

Miracle Mile is starting to see some pressure up there, hunters and fisherman alike. Streamer fishing has been the way to go. You’ll still catch them nymphing, but the streamer is picking up more and better fish. The Reef’s Goldie, Peanut Envy, or a Sex Dungeon will all get it done!

It’s time to break out the seven weight rods and large flies! As the weather cools down so will the water temps, big fish will start putting the feed bags on for winter. This is our favorite time of the year to fish!