Grey Reef Fishing Report

Well we are officially into the month of May!  April brought lots and lots of moisture to Central Wyoming and the entire North Platte River drainage.  That being said we should have great water conditions this year.  First things first, the Grey Reef cable to cable is open and flows have been bumped to 800cfs.  With water temperatures in the mid 40s, we have been seeing some great baetis and midge hatches on the upper.  Water conditions are excellent from Grey Reef to Lusby and so is the fishing! Our Guides have been mostly sticking to the upper section and it has been producing, leeches, reef worms, and RS2’s have been out top bugs. With the increased flows you can lengthen up your rig a little bit, 5-6 feet has been a pretty standard length. No need to be on the bottom. The weather the next few days looks amazing going into some showers for the weekend, fishing will remain great, baetis love those overcast rainy days!

Fremont/Cardwell has been as good as it gets this past week, it has been crowded but the fish are still cooperating. Smaller “mini-rigs” have been our go-to up there.The water is very clear and you can see fish up in the water column eating bugs. A CDC Pheasant tail with an All Day May or Rs2 as a trailer has been killer.

Miracle Mile is still flowing around 2,100 CFS and we have had good reports from out there. Standard fare with leeches, annelids and RS2’s all working well. With the higher flows a lot of fish get pushed to the edges of the fast water and closer to the banks.

As always give us a call or stop by the shop with any questions!