More Bad News for this Week and Great News for Summer

Central Wyoming Fly Fishing will be an exercise  in creativity for the next several days. The Casper and Alcova area received torrential rains that caused some localized flooding last night. Eagle Creek and Fly Shop creek are currently doing a number on Grey Reef Reservoir. The Reef is a muddy mess at the moment. Rarely are we out of the game for more than a day or two and will keep you in the know as things progress. There are other great options in the area, so while Grey Reef is the focus we are fortunate to make a great day by alternate means. We do have trips out today and some guests opted to not go out today. We have canceled our lodge groups who were scheduled to arrive tomorrow. All is not lost! This is very good news for summer and fall water situation. If you haven’t experienced Grey Reef in these seasons, do yourself a favor and get on board. When Montana is struggling with low and warm water we have been full and cool. Late season has diversity not even scratched in the spring. There is so much more water to fish, great dry fly and streamer opportunities and the weather is far more predictable and consistent.