North Platte Fly Fishing Report

So, aside from a little wind the weather the past week has been fantastic and the fishing isn’t far off.  Grey Reef continues to have solid streamer fishing.  We are using a little slower retrieve but the fish continue to pound goldie’s, bronzie’s, crawdizzle’s and medusa’s.  Otherwise,  we have been receiving a lot of calls/e-mails regarding the Mile.  The Mile is fishing well and they are catching some nice browns…but if your headed out there be prepared to fish the crowd.  It is busy, very busy.  As one angler put it yesterday, “the Mile could be the third largest city in Wyoming.”  With that being said, be respectful of other peoples water.  The folks doing well on the Mile are nymphing crawdizzle’s, ice minnow, san juan’s, otter eggs, etc.