North Platte Fly Fishing Report

Flows at all venues remain unchanged. Grey Reef at 2800cfs and Miracle Mile flows just shy of 3000cfs.

Fishing at Grey Reef is very good on short nymph rigs laced with yellow sallie, caddis, midge or PMD patterns. The best success is found in the soft edges of the runs or tail outs. But there are some fish on the drops and heavier water. Fish will orient themselves more in the heavy runs as the water temps increase and caddis become overactive. Streamer fishing isn’t a game of quantity right now. But, that is rarely the point. Targeting trophy class trout is the goal and it has been pretty successful as of late. Our guests and guides have had a number of fish landed in the 25″ range this past week, in fact this may be the most productive big fish year in a long time.

Miracle Mile is fishing well on nymph rigs. Don’t be too long with your leader at Miracle Mile. Successful patterns include San Juan Worms, Beady Leaches, soft hackled sallies/caddis and Golden Stone Fly imitations. Golden Stones aren’t super active yet, but will be the feature over the next couple weeks. There has been some interested parties with a big foam stone fly imitation floating on the surface.

This may be the year of the moth/miller. You might notice a lot of millers in the Russian Olives and Junipers. There are a lot of opportunities for them to accidentally find themselves in the water. Trout will notice this too.

Cottages are available and our 4th unit will be in operation tomorrow. The RV sites will be available very soon.

The North Platte Lodge has some great early July dates available for one or 2 anglers. August also has a few prime spots so give us a call for details. 307.237.1182

Pic: Guest Ron with help from NPL/TRFS guide Greg hefting a tolerable rainbow from a few days ago