North Platte-Grey Reef-Miracle Mile-Fremont Fly Fishing Report

We have had a nice taste of summer the past few days.  Temps. in the low 80s and calm winds.  As for the North Platte, flows continue to get bumped up on the big three.  The flows posted above are as of 10:00am today.  Upper Grey Reef continues to be the most productive water.  Our guide boats have been coming back with some VERY pleased anglers.  They have been doing well on a short nymph rig and small bugs…LAZYs, foam wing RS2’s, PALs.  The lower river is fishing ok but the little bump in flows seems to be throwing it off a bit….along with no real hatches at this time.   We have been sending a few boats down there and they have been doing pretty well on streamers.  Miracle Mile is also fishing well but has gone up in the past 24hrs.