Wyoming Fly Fishing

Silly fishing today! Lots of traffic and all of our guests came back excited. Bugs of note were All Day Mays and Foam Post RS2s. Lazy Midges were also productive. Big volatile storms this afternoon put many a rower in pain. Big winds, coupled with heavy downpours and wicked lighting made things interesting. River is in fine condition to the narrows and pretty dirty in Casper. One huge rainbow on for several minutes today with Steve and Al Haas of California. It was a heartbreaker…bummer!

Tomorrow will be much cooler and chances of moisture again. The Trappers Route Rd is not a good idea to bank on if there is significant moisture in the forecast. That road turn to grease with a little water. Neglected bugs include cased caddis and midges. Other bugs of note are the upcoming PMDs and Yellow Sallies. The nymphs are showing up with some regularity in samples.

Grey Reef Flows 3300cfs

Miracle Mile Flows 2000cfs

Fremont Canyon Flows 1650cfs