North Platte Lodge, The Reef Fly Shop & Grey Reef Outfitters

I bet you get confused with all the similarly named operations in the area. We do too.

We are the original lodge and only shop and outfitter at Grey Reef. We have far more access than any other outfitter with 17 miles. There is only one other outfitter with meaningful private access and that  is Crazy Rainbow. We have the regions largest and most experienced full-time guide staff. We offer all inclusive accommodations as well as nightly accommodations in our beautiful new cottages. These are available to anybody…you don’t have to be fishing with us to stay with us. We offer a river shuttle service and drift boat rentals.

We are proud to be North Platte Lodge, Grey Reef Outfitters and The Reef Fly Shop. We have a lot invested in providing the best Grey Reef experience available. We have an amazing staff an the end result of your trip will, no doubt, include a nod to them.

You can get cheaper trips. You can’t get a better experience or value.