North Platte Fly Fishing Report-Glory Days

All the guides were sitting around a couple of nights ago referring to the current fishing as the “glory days”.  Having been out there myself four of the last seven days, I would have to say I agree.  Sight-nymphing on the upper, dry-dropper down low and/or just straight up tossing big dries to skinny water in the afternoon…I’m not sure it gets much better!  On upper Grey Reef we are tossing LIGHT nymph rigs, 3-5ft, #4-B split….rigged with a poxyback, idyl’s pmd-basically anything slim and simple…drop a midge(PAL, stillborn midge, miracle midge) and you are good-to-go.  The big dry(amy’s ant, chubby cher, etc.) has been not short of phenomenal…just make sure your fishing the skinny water…thats where they are!