North Platte River Fishing Report

All of our boats had more great fishing yesterday. However, Rick and the Hanson’s were below Government Bridge and the only boat on that section. Rick mentioned the fishing wasn’t as automatic as it had been. Still a good day none the less.

Weather conditions look great for the next several days. Take advantage!

Two Fly Competition will be on Thursday and Friday. 30 boats! They will be swarming everything like flies. We recommend you try to keep yourself out of that mess. The Two Fly collects a lot of $$ for local charities so it is a great function.

All the late May lodge spots have been filled along with the Sept 11-16 spot. The Oct 7-11 spot currently has a hold on it. That leaves:

2 rooms June 13-16

1 room July 30- August 2

1 room August 6-9

2 rooms August 31-Sept 1

2 rooms Sept 24-27

1 room Sept 28-Oct 1

4 rooms Oct 16-20

Photo: too many Baetis?