North Platte River Fly Fishing Report

Booming wind this morning in Central Wyoming!!  According to the latest forecast we have about 2 more days of intense wind coming our way…that being said the forecast for the weekend looks pretty awesome;mid 40s and 10-15mph.  If this holds true it should be a great weekend to be on the water-fly fishing Grey Reef, Fremont Canyon and/or Miracle Mile.  The nymph program on Grey Reef seems to be pretty simple-various leech patterns, deep purple and midge stuff(i.e. GS mayhem, PAL, and/or pulsating emerger if we are having any sort of a midge hatch mid-morning to mid-afternoon).  If the wind lays up we have been doing pretty well on dries at both Grey Reef and Fremont Canyon.  As for the Miracle Mile fishing, our most productive method has been a slow swing/strip on either a floating line with split shot placed above the fly or a sink-tip fly line.  Our best fly patterns have been crawdizzles, micro zonkers and/or hh mohair leech.  Obviously the smaller streamers seem to be working better on the Miracle Mile for us.