Grey Reef, Miracle Mile and Fremont Canyon Fishing Report

Wyoming fly fishing will be stereotypical over the next several days. Expect Grey Reef and Miracle Mile to fish excellent if you can get your bugs in the water. The Alcova, Wyoming region will be warm and windy. Anglers familiar with Grey Reef understand that the wind can be used to your advantage but you have to play it right. Under the windswept surface of the Grey Reef and the Miracle Mile sections of the North Platte River are thousands of heavily feeding trout and hundreds of those are trophy trout.

Nymph rigs at Grey Reef, Miracle Mile and Fremont Canyon will be between 6-8′ with appropriate weight and a rusty scud, pine squirrel leech, Reef worm or midge top fly and a midge bottom fly will get them all day long. Tan Sex Dungeons, articulated Goldies, Medusas and black Home Invaders have been effective streamers on a tip with a swing/slow retrieve. The occurrence of browns is impressive and has us scratching our head. The Reef Fly Shop, Cottages & RV will be open so stop in and check out the Mayhem Midges and the BuffTrout hat emporium.

Pegged Beads Memo : The Casper, Wyoming office of the Wyoming Game and Fish issued a memo regarding the illegal use of pegged beads. The law has always been that a fish must willingly take the hook into its mouth or it is considered illegal snagging. They issued a picture showing the only acceptable method of pegging beads and the bead must be touching the eye of the hook. With this arrangement the fish is willingly taking the hook into its mouth. One inch above and it is snagging. Also, the definition of a hook is a hooked device or bait regardless of the number of prongs. Trying to skirt the law by using a Reef worm and a bead pegged above doesn’t change the arrangement. Save your beads for Alaska and tie up some cool midge or baetis patterns for Grey Reef and Miracle Mile. Bury your worm box and challenge yourself to be a student of the trout and river…you will be very surprised and your approach to fly fishing will forever change.

For a spirited conversation regarding pegged beads visit The Reef Fly Shop Facebook page.