North Platte River: Grey Reef and Miracle Mile

Hot day! 97* this afternoon. We had 9 guides out today and they were scattered from Miracle Mile to Robertson Rd.

Miracle Mile was busy but it fished well until the big wind came up in early afternoon. It was still productive but trying to get a drift was a lot tougher.

Grey Reef fished great in the AM and slowed to good status late afternoon. We also had calm conditions up until 1:30 when the wind puffed up and never relented.

I was with the Konopacks from NJ. They departed NJ several days ago on a 3 month tour fishing the west and visiting family. We were their first of many days of fishing to come. John had a brief window of fish rising to PMD spinners and capitalized as they say in the NFL. A rusty spinner lead by a small orange stimulator fell victim to a 17″ rainbow…then the sun popped out and it was over for the risers. Today we saw a mink, bald eagle, muskrat, deer, antelope, several types of hawks and other cool birds and we were graced by a family of skunks to end the day.

Good stuff…