Wyoming Fly Fishing Report

Fishing remains strong despite the hot weather. Official was 100* for Casper yesterday but the fishing never wavered. We were all streamers all day. Tried a variety of patterns and our old standby the olive Bergin Bugger and Goldie were the stars. Excellent streamer activity.

Lots of fish rising to caddis on the edges as well. Evening dry fly is also really productive.

Nymphing is tough to beat for numbers. Soft hackles and PMD patterns getting the job done.

We had a water temp of 62* just as we entered Casper. That is a great temp but eeking up with theses warm nights.  The upper reaches are much cooler.

Flows are still 3500cfs at Grey Reef. 2000cfs at Miracle Mile. 1600cfs in Fremont.

Come loaded for bear! If you have multiple rods bring them. Be prepared for dry, streamer and nymphing!!