North Platte River Guide Report

Fishing remains excellent with the Am and mid afternoon providing the best production. Late afternoon things slow a touch and pick up again in the evening. Caddis, Tricos, Micro caddis, Yellow Sallies and PMDs are the main characters and crawdads, leachs, scuds,worms and baitfish thicken the plot. It is super fun with all techniques providing great options. Bring streamer, nymph AND dry fly rigs!! Banging the banks with an articulated Goldie or fleshy Medusa has been exciting. Pods of big risers in the seams and slack water have been offering technical dry fly and bank ambushers have been providing plug and play dry fly. Nymphing has been good fishing out or in with soft hackles and pmd stuff. Early AM trico spinners also offering big fish on rhythmic and sometime maddening consistency.

We have some great cottage and RV options coming up! Also the North Platte River’s premier and original full service facility, the North Platte Lodge, has some good August and September availability. Excellent food, 17 miles of exclusive private Grey Reef access (only one other outfitter has private access and it is only 1/3 of our total) the best location with the the regions largest and most experienced professional guide staff…what else could you ask for? Actual full days of guided fishing? Yep, we work ALL day just like you.