Standard Grey Reef

Excellent fishing and we have opportunities with all techniques. Nymphing relatively short with soft hackled caddis and sallies, maggots, foam post RS2s, CDC Cased PMD Emergers etc. Streamer on articulated goldies especially in moving water…so fun to watch the chase and attack. Dry fly fishing the banks with small stimulators or other Yellow Sallie imitations. Fish the slack water with rusty spinners on top for the PMDs or a tricos spinner early for pods of risers. Adam and Bill Douglas wrecked shop on a big pod of risers yesterday. Adam had a twinkle in his eye telling the story because they were all big fish. Fun times!

We have had strong interest in Sage Grouse cast and blast trips this year. This is an amazing hunt and we can say very confidently that we offer the very best Sage Grouse hunting anywhere. Call for details! The season is the last ten days of September.

We do have a cottage available next week and limited availability for guides. Beautiful weather, great fishing and some fun local events coming up. Bear Trap Summer Music Festival will feature the great Sam Bush…can’t wait!