North Platte River Report

I can sum up the fishing with one word, consistent!  All of the guide boats have been doing very well.  Not much has changed with the fly selection.  At the Miracle Mile, worms seem to be the preferred meal, along with the Reef’s Crawdizzle and various streamers like the Reef’s Goldie.  Fremont Canyon has been giving some nice trout, especially in the canyon sections.  Running short rigs consisting of San Juan worms and leeches through the pocket water has been very productive.  From Grey Reef to Casper visibility is good and the fish are on various caddis patterns, Rs2 foam posts, crawdizzles, worms and leeches.  The streamer bite can be good in the shallow heads of the pools and the tail outs.  A well placed Goldie trailed with a crawdizzle can get some very aggressive takes. The weather looks good for the entire weekend and the fishing will be too!