Wyoming’s Grey Reef Fishing Report

Excellent sums up the reports. Grey Reef is on fire from top to bottom. Foam Wing Rs2 and All Day Mays from start to finish. We are changing bugs just for the fun of it. Bush’s Crawdad and the crawdizzle getting some sniffs as well as leeches, scuds etc. Trico activity in the AM has been worth the hunt for risers and psuedos in the afternoon picking up steam. You will notice little white mayflies and a bazillions small fish up on then late in the day. Do not discount all the risers as small though. Big dudes will settle in and go largely unnoticed sipping these tasty treats off of the surface in precarious locations. Caddis late eve has been really fun on the surface or very close to it. If you like swinging and a solid tug tighten up your rig and move your flies…the fish will respond. Streamers fishing is hit and miss on the upper but we have seen 5 browns over 23″ this week already, so that should tell you something. We have not been on the lower stretches the past few days but reports we have received from other anglers mentioned fun fishing but numbers not that great. The snagging bead rigs damaging plenty of the small fish they attract down there according to the same reports.

Miracle Mile is fishing well and is now a hunting camp. It is busy with anglers just passing their time while on the hunt for antelope.

Fremont is good while a little gooey. If you can’t handle a little vegetation and algae rich water this isn’t the place for you. But, if you understand that the same vegetation is the reason we have such an amazing fishery and can learn techniques to easily deal with it do not hesitate! Dry fly, streamers and nymphing caddis, crawdads, psuedos and tricos make it overwhelmingly fun. NEVER discount midges and their big brother the crane fly which is skittering around all over the place in the fall season.

We have an great 3 night spot at NPL arriving Thursday Oct 2 and fishing the 3rd and 4th departing on Sunday the 4th. Perfect weekend trip to precede winter hibernation!

We are expecting temps from mid 70s to mid 80s by the end of the week. Indian summer so bring sandals and waders but expect quick dry pants and sandals to the the garb of comfort.









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