North Platte River Report

The weather has been beautiful the last few days and the forecast is for much of the same through the weekend.  Yes, the wind will blow a bit but what else is new?  Things really haven’t heated up at the Miracle Mile yet, but fish are being caught on the standard fare of worms, leeches, pheasant tails and streamers like the Reefs Goldie, Sparkle Minnows and Sex Dungeons.  Anglers at Fremont Canyon are continuing to enjoy some top water action on a mix of Pseudos, Caddis and Tricos.  When the fish aren’t rising both nymph and streamers are working well.  Here at Grey Reef the fishing remains consistent, but getting your depth and weight right is vitally important.  These adjustments, sometimes necessary in every run, can make the difference between a good and great day. Also, be prepared to do a fair amount of back rowing.  The sections between Government Bridge and Casper still seem to be the float(s) of choice for many, primarily because the fishing has been very good!   There is a wide variety of water types on many of the floats and the trout are responding well to streamers, nymphs and even dry dropper rigs.  At our current flows there is a lot of water available to the wading angler.  If you aren’t sure where to go stop in the shop and I will fix you up with a free access map, suggest some fly patterns and techniques, then off you go!