North Platte River Report

(NOV. 15-MARCH 15)
Day Trip-$350.00 *does not include lunch
Day Trip plus one night in cottage-$475.00
Day Trip plus two nights in cottage-$550.00
Cottage(2 guest)-$140.00
Cottage(3 guest)-$155.00
Cottage(4 Guest)-$170.00
*add 8% sales tax

We are receiving some favorable reports from those who have fished the Miracle Mile the last few days.  Lots of decent browns and rainbows are being taken on streamers and nymphs all the way from Kortes Dam to the Chalk Bluff area.  I would expect a fair number of anglers there this weekend.  Fremont Canyon has be brought back down to 82 cfs (normal levels) and the fishing has been pretty consistent all day.  Many are seeing some action on top with Griffith’s Gnats and Para Adams patterns.  During the non hatch periods nymph and streamers are producing.  We have had boats out the past couple of days on Grey Reef and some good fish are attacking a well placed Goldie.  If you are nymphing, midge patterns like a Ju-Ju Midge, small worms and leeches are putting trout in the boat.  The recent warm spell has the river completely free of ice, so the floating should be good all the way to Casper.  Pick your floats carefully. At 450 cfs you have to do a lot of rowing and with the shorter days it is easy to bite off a bit more than you can chew.  It is dark now t 5:00 pm!  Plan accordingly.