Now and Later

Get here now and later! This pic is the current story of Wyoming’s Grey Reef fly fishing. Fishing has been very good and with the abundance of hoppers we have high hopes for Hopper Mania 2015. If you experienced it a few years ago you know what an insane time it was. We never saw it coming and August became so booked we had to turn out the owners into the guide pool for most of it. Many guests weren’t able to get a spot. Luckily we have a more robust crew and the veterans are all still here doing what they have been doing for a decade or more or nearly 2. If you can’t make the summer session get on board for fall streamer fishing. The runs on Grey Reef Rd produce more 25″ plus trout on Grey Reef than anywhere. The upper river holds them like no other location.

We have cottages, we have RV sites and we have the full pampered option at the lodge. We have 17 miles of EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE ACCESS. We have the largest and most experienced full time Grey Reef guide staff, best location etc. These facts are irrefutable.