Only Getting Better

Grey Reef is giving up some quality trophy trout, Miracle Mile is giving them up as well. PMDs, caddis and Sallies at both venues getting them suspended and even on the surface. Golden Stones are winding down at the Mile. The streamer activity has been really fun and some truly huge trout taking note of a fleeing bank side Goldie. Keep your rigs suspended and pile on some weight in the afternoon and run the heavier water. Late – a dry/dropper caddis rig in the tight riffles will get them looking up. It won’t be long ’til solid hopper and trico activity will compliment the caddis fishing. It is really fun and will remain.

We have some North Platte Lodge availability over the next couple months and our creative kitchen staff has been getting high praise. If you prefer to do it on your own book a cottage or RV site at The Reef Fly Shop and rent a boat. We have lots of options. The guides have been loving the new ramp at Bates Creek. Talk about separation when they use one of our other private ramps in the Lusby area.