Flows Decrease, Bugs Increase

Wyoming Fly Fishing and Grey Reef, in particular, enjoying a bit lower flows of 2500cfs and really solid bug activity. Grey Reef production is in top form. Pale Morning Duns are the notable and targeted critter during the bulk of the day. Midges are very prevalent early and caddis should be the prime suspect later. Of course, Yellow Sallies are available and The Reef Fly Shop has the patterns to match this hatch with aplomb. Epoxy Backs, Bird Nests, All-Day Mays, Hare’s Ears, PAL and The Reef’s Soft Hackled Sally are solid choices. Streamer activity has not been lights out BUT it isn’t so much about quantity as it is about quality…fish of a lifetime is available out there right now. Dry fly and dry/dropper rigs are pulling their weight on kitchen patrol. DO NOT forget the dry fly rod.

Miracle Mile flows are down to 1000cfs and the fishing is variable. Beady leaches and rubber legs along with soft hackles and foam back PMD are top producing. Short rigs in many locations so it takes some work and figuring out your depth. Careful not to focus all your efforts on the deep runs.

In recent discussions surrounding the “pegged bead” or “snagging rig” issue we have learned that the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission has the say(with recent and unfortunate changes to the Wyoming Constitution)  on the allowing snagging or not. Interestingly enough snagging is illegal, however they have created a snagging allowance with the pegged BEAD rig and it is defined as a lure. This lure includes a non eatable bead placed no more than 2″ from a bare hook that snags the fish in the face. Naturally, things progress and folks are pegging chenille, fur…whatever. But, this technique is outside of the definition per the Wy Game and Fish. What will come of this?

Casper, Wyoming is bustling with the Central Wyoming Fair and Rodeo this week. The rodeo final event is this Saturday evening and is a great show of athleticism and some original and traditional sporting events. Lots of live music available, wine tasting, food trucks and good old-fashioned enjoying summer. Central Wyoming is more than a one trick pony. Beartrap Summer Festival is approaching with Joan Osborne and Wynona Judd capping the evenings. Wyoming’s favorite “tailer park troubadour” Jalan Crossland  will be playing right in Alcova, Wyoming on August 19th with a warmup by our good buddies The Last Coyote. Thumping banjo and lightweight lyrics keep the fun-meter pegged. A dip in Alcova Reservoir just a stone’s throw from The Reef Fly Shop or a dip in Sloane’s General Store ice cream buckets just a few blocks over. Enjoy a cold beverage, cigarette polluted air and some questionable food at the Sunset Bar.