Positive Pulse, Prognosis Perfect

Some great NPL spots left over the coming month and ECLIPSE dates available! These are a 4 night package arriving Aug 18 and departing the 22nd. We have lodge rooms and couple RV sites but the cottages have been spoken for.

Pegging or snagging with anything besides a plastic bead is illegal in Wyoming. You won’t fish a snagging rig at North Platte Lodge or The Reef Fly Shop.

Grey Reef guides report continued excellent fishing. Yesterday’s late eve streamer assault netted solid browns and rainbows. Midge activity strong in the morning and PMDs getting the holeshot by late morning and a solid lead through late afternoon. Guides are running a 2 fly rig with and All-Day May and PMD Barr’s Emerger early then switching to a double PMD rig. Grey Reef flows remain at 2500cfs. Miracle Mile is producing on a variable level. Miracle Mile flows are 1000cfs and PMD, worm, leech and soft hackle rigs doing the job.

Conditions are as good as they get and we are seeing a fair amount of dry fly activity…plan on that increasing substantially over the coming week, weeks and months.

Cast and Blast packages for Sage Grouse Hunts and early season waterfowl are available. September and October will be excellent fishing months considering the higher flows of 2017…doesn’t get much better.