Silly and Fun

That describes the fishing plain and simple. Our guides are having amazing days with light nymph rigs, dry dropper rigs and streamers. The river is very clear on the entire reach and flows are 900cfs. We should expect an increase in flows sooner than later. When that happens there will be floating debris for a day. It isn’t the end of the world, however, with the entire section being clear and productive you just need to move a bit to avoid the surge.

Miracle Mile is fishing well but it is busy. If you talk to outfitters who are pushing the Mile it is because they don’t have any meaningful access at Grey Reef. Grey Reef is the star right now and avoiding that is like shooting yourself in the foot.

Like to get out of the boat and sight fish? So do we! That is why we have 17 miles of private access.

There is still a 1 room spot available arriving June 16 – June 20. One or 2 anglers can use as many or as few days of that spot as you wish…based on the fishing you will want to use more;)