Snow Snow Snow!

We have gotten a considerable amount of moisture this week,starting with drizzling rain and now a very wet snow. Grey reef reservoir is getting colored up due to the creek next to the fly shop pumping in muddy water. The clarity below the dam is still okay, definitely fishable. Water temps have dropped though, we’re sitting around 36 degrees at the cable hole. Despite everything fishing has still been good, one of our guests caught a very nice 24″ rainbow with a Deep Purple in the junk hole yesterday afternoon! This week promises to bring warmer temps with highs in the mid 60’s most of the week and light wind.Be very careful if you are traveling out this way, the highway from Casper was very slick and had a thick layer of slush all over it. The road to the mile is bad, do not head out that way! We will keep you posted about any change to water conditions.