Grey Reef Flows Plunge

Central Wyoming Fly Fishing is excellent. Grey Reef, Miracle Mile and Fremont Canyon all gave up the goods with aplomb yesterday. Grey Reef flows have been cut much to our dismay. This is fodder for a rant but I will just say that the “new” BuRec administration gives little regard to managing the flows for recreation or the health (frankly survival) of the trout in one of the world’s great trout fisheries. We saw the writing on the wall when they pushed flows to 2400cfs in April when the snowpack didn’t justify that kind of release. Many of the redds (trout spawning nests) will either be out of the water or very easy pickings for seagulls. Plan on a year class decimated. All that being said I am of the school that would be much more interested in 1500-2000 fish per mile as opposed to 5000+. Those numbers DO NOT translate into fewer fish caught in a day but they may translate into a more wary adversary and potential for much larger fish as in decades past.

The baetis hatch is super strong at all venues and even though the water at Grey Reef was off color they still wanted a natural looking imitation with no need for additional flash. Bugs, bugs and more bugs.

NPL has arguably to best summertime spot available arriving June 30 and departing July 4. Excellent water conditions, amazing weather and the short lived Golden Stone Fly hatch at Miracle Mile. Don’t miss this opportunity as it hasn’t been available for many years!