Spring is in the air!

It’s finally starting to feel a little bit like spring in Central Wyoming.  Temperatures in the 50s this past weekend kicked off some lower river runoff and it seems like we are well on our way.  Although conditions below Government Bridge have worsened, upper Grey Reef(Dam-Ledge Creek) continues to stay in excellent condition as is the fishing.  All three tailwaters; Fremont(72cfs), Grey Reef(500cfs) and Miracle Mile(500cfs) are producing solid numbers of healthy fish.  Our guides have been mixing things up with the streamer and nymph fishing.   As far as our nymph rigs go-we have been rigged 6-8ft, 1-3 b shot and the following bugs…reef worm, PAL, GS mayhem, mini impaler, pine squirrel leech and various scuds(orange, amber, tan).  Streamer wise, we’ve really been keeping it pretty simple…articulated rusty trombone on a intermediate line and your good-to-go…just remember to slow down your retrieve.