Still Chilly!

Check out the NPL Weather Station. Current temp is -1 with a wind chill of -14. But, we are expecting a high of 40 by Wednesday. As always, we should expect some wind with those warmer winter temps. It has been very calm during our cold snap. up at 8200ft last night on Casper Mountain was -14.

Many of you met Loretta Johnson during her tenure at the North Platte Lodge. She was a hard working and detail oriented individual. Loretta passed away, in her sleep, a couple days ago. We will miss her and will carry many fond memories of her throughout our lives.

NPL has a couple very desirable spots available for full lodge stays. 2 of these spots are in May and over a weekend and one is in early June. We have a couple very nice openings in April. Call for details. 307.237.1182.