Summer is Coming Alive on the North Platte River

Central Wyoming fly fishing report is a mixed bag the past several days. Grey Reef flows have been dropped to 2500cfs and looks AMAZING! Guide report is that the fishing is steady during the non buggy times and solid in and around the hatch. Caddis , Tricos, PMDs, Yellow Sallies and Midges. Miracle Mile is also at 2500cfs and fishing well start to finish…also clear and gaining on it’s standard tannic (tea colored) gig for summer. Fremont Canyon is it’s cute little self again and the caddis stuff is banging right now. The Big Horn River / Wind River guide report has some great dry fly opportunities and the flows are down to 1500cfs. The water is clear with standard suspended algae. Some good streamer fishing presented itself as well.

These flows are great for renting a drift boat or better yet hiring a guide to accelerate the Grey Reef, Big Horn and Miracle Mile learning curve. Our wing shooting operation has been getting a lot of attention and we are about tapped for Sage Grouse season in late September. The Big Horn Basin has a myriad of upland and waterfowl options. Coupled with a fishing trip makes the ultimate in sporting.

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