Summer time on the North Platte!

As of this morning, we have to say it doesn’t exactly feel quite like summer.  We woke to temperatures in the high 40s in Central Wyoming this morning and according to today’s forecast, 72F is going to be the high for the day.  A early taste of fall, maybe?  Flows have begun to stabilize and even drop to reasonable levels at Grey Reef(2,500cfs), Fremont Canyon(400cfs) and Miracle Mile(2,600cfs) and water temperatures are still in the 50s on all three tailwaters.  This obviously has slowed our transition into some of our mid-summer hatches.  For example, we are just starting to see decent numbers of caddis, sallies and PMDs on the lower river(Sechrist-Casper).  But with another drop in water and warm weather on the extended forecast, it won’t be long.  Thus far this has been a year of big fish and from the looks of it we are not expecting that to stop anytime soon!