Summertime on the Reef!

With Summer officially underway we are about to get buggy! One thing we are always looking forward this time of year is the Golden Stonefly hatch. Over the past few days the Golden Stones have started their emergence on The Mile. Anytime now there will be giant bugs littered over the surface! Our guides have been throwing a lot of Pat’s Rubber Legs, Red or purple San Juan worms, PSL in natural or brown. Then trailing with RS2 foam post, Mayhem Midge, and Caddis emergers. Above the bridge we are going 5-5 1/5 ft weight to indicator with 2-BBs. Below the bridge 6-6 1/2 ft weight to indicator with 2-BBs or 1-3/0.

The Reef has seen water temps between 54 and 56 degrees. That means the bugs are starting to hatch! We have seen plenty of Caddis from Grey Reef Dam all the way into Casper. PMDs and Yellow Sallies have just started to come off. The dry fly fishing hasn’t started yet, but it’s just around the corner! With water temps where they are there are a multitude of patterns to pick from. Try running a PSL in natural or brown, Red or purple San Juan worm, Hares Ear, Pheasant Tail, Caddis pupa as your 1st bug. Then trail with RS2 foam post in grey or brown, Mayhem Midge black or grey, Z Wing Caddis, CDC PMD emerger, or Poxyback PMD. Look for the soft water on fast runs, and current lines when the river widens.

Fremont Canyon/Cardwell has been seeing some of the same action as the Reef. Caddis, PMDs, and plenty of Midges. Suggested patterns are Hares Ear, Pheasant Tail, Midge larva, Caddis pupa for your 1st fly. Trail those patterns with RS2 foam post in grey or brown, Mayhem Midge grey or black, UV chocolate emerger, or The Reef’s Maggot. Run your rigs 5-5 1/2 ft weight to indicator with 2-BBs.

Flows as of 6/22-

Miracle Mile- 3400 cfs

Fremont/Cardwell- 2000 cfs

Reef- 3500 cfs

As always if you have any questions don’t hesitate to drop in or call the shop at 307-232-9128!