Wyoming Fly Fishing

Central Wyoming Fly Fishing guide report. Grey Reef is fishing awesome and some big rainbows hitting the bag. Worms, Turds and soft hackles…Turds are Pat’s Rubberlegs, BTW. Grey Reef flows are consistent at 4000cfs. Sound scary? Nope! Bigger water is the only time anglers can treat Grey Reef like a traditional trout stream and have success. This is due to the edge-structure that is really only available at higher flows. Rent a drift boat from The Reef Fly Shop and work the banks from top to bottom. Even dry/dropper rigs are doing the job. Miracle Mile flows ticked down to 4000cfs and the fishing is also solid. Worms, leeches and turds are a good bet…don’t forget the soft hackles and PMD stuff either. Believe it or not the wading is great. Higher flows at Miracle Mile create Grey Reef-esque seems and slack water and the Miracle Mile trout will stack up into these areas…read islands. The summer prognosis is A-W-E-S-O-M-E. Golden Stones are knocking at Miracle Mile, caddis are popping at Fremont and The Reef, Tricos will be coming in the next several weeks, and with this edge structure…prepare for hoppers!