Too Much for a Title

Grey Reef flows have dropped to 1200cfs and CLEAR- trico hatch and spinner fall dry fly fishing has ramped up. Miracle Mile flows are near 800cfs and the San Juan worm/foam wing RS2 rig is teasing them pretty good. The lower reaches of the North Platte River through Casper and below are pretty warm and it would be good to stay high for the next couple weeks. Cool eves have kept the upper in prime temp range but not too cool for the hoppers !
Tricos, midges, hoppers, caddis should be the focus and don’t forget crane flies, scuds, pseudos (they showed!), crawdads, etc. Dry fly is solid right now but keeping the nymph rig and streamer rig handy is a great idea during the lulls. Bt early Sept can could very well be fishing dries all day long. Beatis will appear early to mid September and they keep the trout in really cool spots, tight riffles and super suspended.

Big Game Hunting-we have hunting guests arriving soon and Pat and Trent have been scouting quite a bit. They returned from a recent trip with wide eyes and grins. The elk they witnessed were impressive in stature and quantity.

Waterfowl and Upland Hunting – JJ has been busy with dog training and is excited for Sept 15 when Sage Grouse season opens. Sage Grouse continues through Sept 30 BUT early season waterfowl opens Sept 29. We do have a couple days available for hunts OR better yet Upland Cast and Blast trips Sept 15, 16, 20, 27 and 28 are currently available. Hunt half day and fish the other!

Trophy Trout Trips – big fish wish list? Come solo with big rods and be prepared to work. This is a huge day with lots of effort with the single goal of landing a 25″or larger Grey Reef stud.

Cheap Trips – they’ve become popular but whittled down to not much of a value. We offer really inexpensive day trips and cottage/trip packages from Nov 15 – March 15. Don’t sacrifice quality fishing, don’t sacrifice a true full day trip, don’t all of our private access or location, don’t sacrifice our most experienced and larges Grey reef guide staff, don’t sacrifice the convenience of a shuttle. We don’t provide your lunch during this time but still provide all the flies.