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We are finally starting to dry out a little in Central Wyoming. Thankful for the rain but happy to see a little more warmth and sunshine. We might be the only part of the country singing that tune right now. Flows, conditions and bugs are all trending in the right direction, so here’s to summer. The back half should be a good one!!

GREY REEF: Flows have bumped up to 2,000cfs and water conditions on the upper are good and improving a little everyday. We are hoping this bump will continue to help conditions downstream. Nymphing is staying consistent with more PMDs, sallies and caddis popping everyday. We are even seeing a hoppers hit the water and a few fish are starting to look up.

FREMONT CANYON: 82cfs and holding steady. Starting to see tricos in the morning and the fish are showing some interest.

MIRACLE MILE: Flows have reduced to 2,000cfs. We’ve hit the height of the golden stone hatch and adult numbers are slowly going down. Definitely getting a few on top but the fish seem to prefer a drowned adult or a Pat’s rubber legs. We are also seeing a good number of PMDs and the fish have been eating those as well.

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