Water Temps


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Well, if you haven’t heard, we have a little bit of a water temperature issue on Grey Reef. A couple of days ago BOTH turbines at Alcova Dam had issues and had to be shut down. What does this mean? The water now coming out of Alcova is coming off the spillway which is more or less surface lake water. Our guide crew has been diligent about taking temps and this is where we are currently at…64F-65F at Grey Reef Dam this morning. Yesterday afternoon temperatures at Lusby hit 70F. Our latest report says that they are expecting to have one turbine back up and running by early next week, which would immediately start drawing colder water off the bottom of Alcova. That should obviously start to lower the temperatures and put us back where we need to be.

GREY REEF: 2,200cfs. We advise only floating the upper and float early. Do not take fish out of the water for pictures. Fight them fast and keep them in the net. Minimize contact, please!

FREMONT CANYON: 82cfs and holding steady. Starting to see tricos in the morning and the fish are showing some interest.

MIRACLE MILE: Flows have reduced to 2,000cfs. We’ve hit the height of the golden stone hatch and adult numbers are slowly going down. Definitely getting a few on top but the fish seem to prefer a drowned adult or a Pat’s rubber legs. We are also seeing a good number of PMDs and the fish have been eating those as well.

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