Tricos and Lower Flows

Burec dropped Grey Reef flows to 2000cfs this AM and the fish and trico hatch is/are bonkers. So many fish on the surface right now it is maddening. Miracle Mile is at 1200cfs and has been bouncing all over. Despite that the fishing has been solid. 

Don’t expect to show up and hook 100 fish on unchanged nymph rigs like you might in the spring. Expect some amazing dry fly fishing with trico spinners early, hopper dropper midday and caddis at dark. Expect some crushing eats on streamers…Goldie is getting ’em juiced. Expect short nymp rigs to get them in the traditional trout water and pushy runs. Don’t expect a lot of eats in slow troughs right now.  The fishing is really fun during this time and excepting the Tricos early the afternoon has been the most productive. 

Our reservoirs are full making the carp fishing exceedingly good. Sight casting in shallow water to a wary opponent makes for an emphasis on stealth, good presentations and once hooked a test of your equipment and fortitude.