Summer – Diversity ALL Day

evening float July 30 2016

Phones are down in Alcova! If you’ve been trying to call we can’t hear. Call 307……..

Grey Reef is fishing well and there are lots of things to tend to throughout the day. Don’t go with the common misnomer that it is too hot or the fish aren’t active during the warm part of the day. If you do, you are selling yourself short. The mornings have trico duns and midges. Keep light rigs suspended with foam winged bugs. Trico duns do not get anywhere near the attention of the spinner fall. Pods of fish will start slurping gobs of dead and dying bugs off of the surface between 8-10AM…sometimes longer. Mid to late AM and early afternoon focus on caddis water and show them meat like soft hackles, princes but keep a little foam wing on as a dropper. Lengthen your leader for the deep slots and get on the slightest twitch. Scuds nymphed near weed structures will work good as well. Fish will notice a dry dropper me. Keep the rigs in the obvious edges even if you don’t see a riser. The guides are reporting some BIG critters plowing streamers on their evening floats. They are on ALL day long.

Miracle Mile is solid as well. Caddis stuff with leeches and worms. Fremont Canyon dry fly is great and the caddis are strong there. Ninja style fishing with suspended soft hackles in PITA spots are where you will tie into the best fish this time of year.