Unbelievable March Weather, Not a Surprise

We tend to have an amazing half month in March…the other half speaks more to skiers and those who like to chip ice out of their guides. We are in a stretch of gorgeous weather right now. Check the NPL weather station for current conditions.

Yesterday we had good fishing although the water entering Grey Reef was still murky with 2 ft of visibility. As anybody who frequents Grey Reef knows 2 ft is PLENTY. Fishing was good and we hooked fish on midges, scuds, leeches and the champ was a mini Impaler (worm). Had some grabs and a couple hookups on a streamer (Goldie) as well. It was a busy day, but everybody was behaving themselves and playing nice.

Fly Shop Creek was chugging pretty good late yesterday and we became worried about another blowout but Brad said things are looking  good this AM. We have a number of boats out today so hope conditions hold.

Wade fishing is excellent right now. Have you floated down the river and dreamed about hopping out and wading some of those awesome runs? Book a trip with the North Platte Lodge and The Reef Fly Shop and get access to the best and most private frontage on the river. Ask your guide to pull over and wade fish….